We decided to share some commonly asked questions to give you a better idea about Altitude Aerial Photography and the aerial drone services we offer.

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  • Are you licensed and insured?


    Absolutely, in fact both our Civil Aviation Authority permit and insurance is considerably above standard.


    Our UAS OSC allows us to legally fly where standard operators can't and we hold a £10m in public liability insurance, currently the highest cover available..


  • What is special about your UAS OSC permit?


    In a nutshell, our advanced UAS OSC permit allows us to fly in places standard operators can't.


    It does this by using advanced safety mitigation methods we have pre-approved with the UK CAA.


    You can see how our permit was able to help ITV here:



    ITV case study

  • Can you fly in towns and cities, such as London?


    Yes, in fact it's one of our specialities.


    Our advanced UAS OSC permit mitigates the severe restrictions that prevents a standard operator from flying in many places.


  • Can you fly near an airport?


    Yes, but only once we've cleared it with the relevant air traffic control.


    This is something we would organise as part of our service.


  • How close to people can you fly?


    As close as 5m to the public, which is 90% closer than a standard operator.


    If the people are involved and can be safety briefed, then we can go as close as either they are comfortable with, or is reasonable and safe.


  • How close to large crowds can you fly?


    As close as 50m, which is 67% closer than a standard operator.


  • How high can you fly?


    We can fly up 600ft, which is 50% higher than a standard operator.


  • How far can you fly?


    500m, which is the legal maximum allowed for VLOS (visual line of site flying).


    This can become 1,000m if we stand in the middle and fly 500m either side from ourselves.


  • How fast can you fly?


    Our fastest racing drones with GoPro cameras can reach over 100mph.


    The average for our main camera drones is from 0mph in a hover up to 50mph at full speed.


  • How long can you fly for?


    The average for our most commonly used main camera drone is 12-14 minutes.


    This can be made longer with lighter cameras, or indeed may be less with a heavy set up.


  • Can you fly indoors?


    Yes, in fact it's another one of our specialities.


    Flying indoors means electronic systems like GPS won't work, but our pilots have years of experience flying and don't need these systems to fly.


  • Can you fly at night?


    Yes, our permit allows us to fly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Can I see what the camera sees?


    Yes, as all of our drones have live video links down to the ground.


    We can also set up live director monitors, as well as provide a live streaming feed.


  • Can I have a demonstration?


    Yes, we have access to a field where you can come and see what our drones can do.


    We are also happy to visit your office and staff and give a talk on what can and can't be done with drones, both legally and practically.


  • What drones do you fly?


    Unlike standard operators that only fly multirotor drones, we are also licensed to fly helicopter drones and fixed wing (aeroplane) drones.


    We have a broad selection of all types in house that we can use, or we can come and fly your aircraft.


  • What weather can you fly in?


    Obviously calm and sunny is going to give you the best results, but we can endure a little weather.


    This varies from drone to drone, but the majority of our fleet is fine with wind up to 20 knots, with some also being weather sealed and able to fly in light showers.


  • What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my booking?


    We want to work with you to get the results you need, so usually we simply arrange another date and reschedule.


    This would only involve an extra charge if there had been fees we could not move, such as any pre paid costs to third parties.



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If you haven't found what you are looking for or have any other questions, please get in touch, as we are here to help.


Our offices are open:


Monday - Friday:

08:30 - 17:30

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